IoT Tracking

Track WIP and Assets with Beacons

Beacon tracking of WIP and assets

New technolgies are emerging that allow for innovation in managing manufacturing data flow. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a framework for increased connectivity between devices and any object. Bluetooth beacons (sometimes referred to as iBeacons) are an inexpensive solution that allow for passive tracking of any asset.

GSDware's IoT Tracking platform enables you to have increased visibility and control of your WIP and assets without adding additional work on the manufacturing floor. There are no barcodes to scan or NFC tags to decode. If an item is left in a room that has a receiving device (any tablet or smartphone), your systems know the location of that item.

Imagine a manufacturing floor with full visibility of the physical location of every asset needed to drive produciton. With IoT Tracking, your imagination becomes reality.