Mobile Devices

Bring mobile to manufacturing

Mobile isn't the future - It's the present

There has been a tremendous difference between the speed of consumer and corporate adoption of mobile devices. Mobile devices have been slow to penetrate to the manufacturing floor. This contrasts with the adoption of the PC, which is vital to productivity and yield in almost every factory.

GSDware works to bring mobile devices and solutions to the manufacturing floor. Tablets and smartphones are uniquely suited for distinct manufacturing tasks. Hardware costs are low due to their ubiquity in the consumer market. Training costs are low - Most workers are familiar with smartphones and tablets.

One reason for the slow pace of manufacturing adoption is that a dominant cross-platform programming platform has been slow to emerge. Developers who are used to creating manufacturing solutions in Windows find it difficult to transition into Android or iOS development. Left to choose between iOS and Android, many developers choose neither.

GSDware uses the Xamarin framework to create native iOS and Android applications for manufacturing. Xamarin code is written in C#, which is a common Windows development platform. The results are native applications that are written in code that your current team can manage and build on.